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Improved Energy & Focus with a Natural Energy Boost.

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what’s actually in QIQO?

The QIQO blend


contains polyphenols & l-yheanine for mental clarity and focus.


is a natural energizer that gives you a mental & physical boost.


Lime-Ginger taste
"Muy Bueno"


All ingredients are naturally extracted, dried and ground into powder.

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Products that are good for you often taste bad. QIQO doesn't and scores great on every aspect with a natural mix of Guarana & Yerba Mate.

Sebert Penen - Performance Coach

It drinks like a tea, but it improves your concentration. I compare it to a cup of coffee, but with vitamins and antioxidants (and a better taste).

– Evelyne Mertens, MSc Dietician


Hola, we’re Amo, Max and Kris. We believe in sparking positive energy! We want a world full of fun, where every day feels like a Friday. That’s why we made QIQO. Now you know what to say next time George Clooney asks you “What Else?” Enjoy natural energy!

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