We are QIQO. We want to energize people with positive energy. That's why we created a hot, natural energy drink. On top, it's 100% natural, with 0 sugar. So get over your afternoon-dip, share some positive vibes, and make every day feel like a Friday!

The world has enough energy vampires: world class complainers, always sharing another frustration and draining the energy out of everybody around them. They make Fridays feel like Mondays (ugh). Energy vampires don't drink QIQO.

Having a QIQO is having some positive energy. It's like getting a compliment about your haircut, having a free parkingspot at your doorstep or getting some sunshine on a rainy day. So get a QIQO, share the positive vibe around you, and make every day feel like a Friday (except Monday, Mondays will be Mondays).


How do I make the perfect QIQO?

Rip it. Mix it. Drink it.
For the connoisseurs we suggest a coffee cup (160ml).
Also, don't use boiling water to preserve all the ingredients.

QIQO doesn't desolve right away. What's happening?

This is not your everyday chemical instant-drink.
You need to stir a bit to make sure all the natural ingredients get time to dissolve and mix with the water.

Can I drink QIQO cold?

QIQO is designed to dissolve in hot water, so cold water won't do the trick. However, feel free to make a QIQO and let it cool down before drinking it (bit like iced coffee).

Subscription looks too good to be true. What's the catch?

There is none. We want to make life easier.
If you like QIQO, we'll send you a box on a regular basis at a sweeter price. Life = Easier.
If you want to change or cancell your subscription, no problem. Just ask your 5 year old (or find one), that's how easy it is.

Does QIQO contain caffeine?

Yes and No.
QIQO contains guaranine, theine and theobromine.
These are all equivalents to caffeine, but from different sources and absorbed in a more steady way by the body.
Check our blog if you want to know more (Kris is a great writer).