We are QIQO. We want to energize people with positive energy. That's why we created a hot, natural energizing drink. On top, it's 100% natural, with 0 sugar. So get over your afternoon-dip, share some positive vibes, and make every day feel like a Friday!

The world has enough energy vampires: world class complainers, always sharing another frustration and draining the energy out of everybody around them. They make Fridays feel like Mondays (ugh). Energy vampires don't drink QIQO.

Having a QIQO is having some positive energy. It's like getting a compliment about your haircut, having a free parkingspot at your doorstep or getting some sunshine on a rainy day. So get a QIQO, share the positive vibe around you, and make every day feel like a Friday (except Monday, Mondays will be Mondays).

  • Amaury is passionate about Hockey, Flying and QIQO. His favorite food is a Belgian stew, best trip so far was in Mexico. Big dreamer. Terrible dancer.

  • Kris loves cooking, travels and making fun of Amaury. His favorite dish is an Asian wok, prepared by himself. Big fan of Colombia. Great cook. Lousy humour (as decided by Amaury).

  • Max loves long summer nights, BBQ's and singing. Would commit murder for a juicy steak with "pommes duchesse". Loves Costa Rica. Great dancer. Unfortunately, terrible singer (see line 1).